"Sense Of Underground" was initiated by Stefan Rosenzopf of Norikum in late 2013. The idea was to promote his and other bands from Graz and surroundings. When he asked me to do the artwork I suggested some more bands he didn't knew at that time, but liked very much and even became a fan of some. In a very short time we had enough bands, not only from Austria but also from Germany, Sweden and Romania.

"Volume I" was pressed and issued in cardboard sleeves. 1000 copies were made, the price was calculated and divided by the number of participating bands, each band got their CDs sent to them and they distributed them to their fans, helping all the bands build a wider audience.

Stefan wasn't interested in another compilation very soon, so I took over the idea. Since "Volume I" was pretty difficult to get pressed and distributed, and also because of saving money and senseless waste, I thought a digital version would be better. I love physical products in every form but compilations are not really a collector's thing...

Starting with "Volume II", I have selected all the bands, created all the artwork and did the planning for your listening and visual pleasure. These are compilations made by a music fan for music fans. They were made for fun and with passion, so spread the word if you like the idea, there might be another edition soon.


Dr.Winter (Teratogen / Arcana Noctis)